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BEFORE YOU PITCH AN APPEARANCE: Until further notice we are conducting interviews on two Saturday mornings between 9 and noon per month. If Saturdays will not work for you, please check back this summer when we may open up some other times/dates.

´╗┐AND PLEASE: read the entire show profile before pitching.

MGO is a podcast dedicated to literature and creativity, where we discuss great books and meet the authors behind them. Our explorations extend to creativity across all professions and walks of life.

Recognized by as one of the Top 100 Book Podcasts, a 2022 Top 5 Literature Podcast by CrowdUltra, and an Apple Podcasts "New & Noteworthy" show in 2016, MGO Was also nominated for the 2019 People's Choice Podcast Awards. In 2023 we were selected as one of the top podcasts in the literacy-focused category on Our host, J. Alexander Greenwood, is an award-winning writer, public relations consultant, speaker, and author of the John Pilate Mysteries.

Schedule and Content Focus:

We produce two seasons each year, with 15-20 episodes in each. Season 13 airs from January to June 2024, and Season 14 is from September to December 2024.

NOTE: Interviews, typically up to 30 minutes long, are conducted one to two Saturdays per month between 9 and noon Central Time.

Our discussions mainly center on mystery, thriller, suspense, true crime, historical fiction, memoirs, and biographies.

We rarely book guests to talk about:

- Romance

- Children's books

- Young adult

- Poetry

We strictly avoid:

- Religious fiction

- Spirituality ("woo-woo" topics)

- Coaching

- Self-improvement

- Fringe medical subjects

- Books with poor production values (bad covers, poor editing, etc.)

- Financial, insurance, sales, crypto, or other such palaver. (For business-related nonfiction books, consider pitching to PR After Hours, Alex's business show).

Why Be a Guest on Our Show?

- Engaging conversations, not stiff, scripted interviews.

- Reach an audience passionate about writing, books, and creativity.

- Our host, Alex, is deeply involved in the craft of writing and enjoys discussing all its facets.

- Most episodes are promoted for years after the original airing.

Interested in discussing creativity in your career? We're all ears!

Requirements and Expectations:

- Check our previous episodes at to understand our content mix.

- Guests must have an external microphone and earbuds/earphones to ensure good audio quality. Poor audio may lead to an edited segment in an "omnibus episode."

- Books for review must arrive at least 30 days prior to the interview. Click here for our address to send an ARC.

- Click here for tips on how to be a great guest!

- We view our guests as partners; they must agree to share their appearance on social media channels and newsletters. Lack of promotion on your part may result in reduced promotion from us after the original airdate.

Whether you're an exciting author, a creative professional, or someone making a difference in your community, we invite you to pitch to us. We occasionally delve into politics, social issues, and other engaging subjects. Join us in celebrating creativity and literature!

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J. Alexander Greenwood Author

Writing and podcasting by J. Alexander Greenwood featuring his quirky John Pilate Mystery Thriller Book Series, Autographed Books, and Merchandise. Quirky mystery thriller book series

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