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“More Than Rich with JoeCat: Exploring the Depths of True Wealth Beyond Material Success”


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Welcome to "More Than Rich," a podcast that transcends the conventional definitions of wealth, hosted by Joseph Reyna, known to many as JoeCat. In a world obsessed with material gain, our show seeks to uncover the deeper values that constitute true richness in life.

This isn't just a podcast; it's a sanctuary for thought-provoking dialogue and introspection. Each episode, we invite visionaries, philanthropists, innovators, and unsung heroes to share their stories and insights. We delve into the philosophies, struggles, and triumphs that have shaped their journeys, going beyond the surface to explore what it truly means to be rich.

"More Than Rich" challenges listeners to reconsider their notions of success and fulfillment. We tackle questions that others may avoid: What is the role of money in our lives? Can true happiness be measured by material possessions? How do our values and actions contribute to a legacy that outlives us?

Our conversations are candid, heartfelt, and often philosophical, touching on themes of sustainability, ethical leadership, community building, and personal growth. We aim to inspire our audience to look within and around, to question the status quo, and to find richness in aspects of life that money can't buy. In 2024, I'm taking 'More Than Rich' to the next level, amping up our guest lineup for spring to kick off a season of extensive, thought-provoking interviews.

Join us as we explore paths less traveled, shedding light on the experiences and ideas that define a more profound sense of wealth. Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, activist, or someone who believes there's more to life than what's in your bank account, "More Than Rich" is your platform to share, learn, and grow.

Be part of a community that values depth, authenticity, and the intangible treasures of human existence. Let's redefine what it means to be truly rich. Are you ready to explore beyond the material? Join us on the "More Than Rich" podcast.

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Making Sense of the Planetary-Human Condition; Nurturing the Emergent Culture Movement, Demystifying the Past, Unraveling the Present, Anticipating the Future Inventor, Nonprofit Founder, Music Artist, & Host of the ‘More Than Rich’ Podcast. @JoeCattt

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