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“New to animism? Want to explore the animist lifestyle in the modern world? Come with me. I was born into this and can show you the ropes.”


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The Show: Animism is the embodiment of the belief that everything is alive, sacred, and connected. It is a nature based spirituality. The show explores that in a way that is accessible to modern people.

Your Host: Laura was born to an indigenous, animist mother. Her understanding of animism was cultivated from birth. She's down-to-earth, practical, curious, and open.

My Guests: My guests either have a lifestyle practice or life experience that can enhance my guest's connection to a natural, holistic, spiritual life. They are enthusiastic, vulnerable, and personable. They are people whose primary goal is to connect and leave something meaningful behind them.

Some appropriate topics might be connecting with animals, working with plants, experiences in the spiritual realms, ancestral work, mythology, natural death, green funerals, ritual work, or teaching stories/fairy tales stories. Paranormal or interdimensional topics MIGHT work.

If you are interested in being a guest, please listen to an episode or two, then send a pitch on how you can enhance my guest's understanding or practice of animism and/or living a natural, connected life. Generic proposals will not be considered. No shaman or coaches. Guests have at least one social media profile with 1000 followers. Thanks.

An interview doesn't guarantee that the episode will post. If it's off-topic, salesy, preachy, or dull, the interview won't air.

Collab: I'm open to doing a swap if we share an overlapping audience.

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Pan Society, LTD is a spiritual community that teaches people about modern animism. You don't have to be descended from Vikings or have a Cherokee princess grandmother to join. Come as you are! Our educational videos give suggestions, insights, and inspiration so that you can practice animism in a way that is authentic to you. We also answer your questions, so let us know what's on your mind. We are no longer updating this account. Want more? Check out my free, private community at or my new podcast at I'd love to see you there.

Profile artwork for Modern Animism
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