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“Interviews with CEOs and Entrepreneurs about the frameworks they are using to build and scale their businesses.”


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I interview owners and CEOs of businesses that have 10-250 employees about a framework they are using in their business, which other entrepreneurs or CEOs could leverage. 

I am NOT looking for solopreneur or micro business entrepreneur guests.

Podcast Flow:

I introduce and welcome the guest.

How did you get here? What's been your entrepreneurial journey?

What management concepts, blueprints and frameworks you have used to build your businesses?

We explore your business or a topic relevant to the owners of private businesses about which you would like to get the world out.

I bring questions that I am curious about around your business or work.

I may ask you what the One Phrase Strategy of your business is. (Think IKEA: Flat Pack, Starbucks: The Third Place; MasterCard: Kill Cash).

What is your call to Action and where can listeners find you?

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Profile artwork for Management Blueprint
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