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“Life Before Medicine provides lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition solutions to help people avoid the need for medical intervention.”


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Life Before Medicine episodes provide the public with information, not commonly available within the health care experience, that aim to give listeners a "medical off ramp" before they need prescription medication and surgery. This podcast was started by Heather Dibkey MS, and Bruce Crawford MD in 2021. We welcome guests with unique insight into how lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition can be used before drugs and invasive procedures become unavoidable.

Topics of interest to our listeners include: mental health, obesity, orthopedic problems, pelvic floor problems, sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, mobility, and longevity.

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Life Before Medicien

Life Before Medicine is a weekly podcast that will better inform the public about common disease states and how lifestyle, and nonmedical choices, influences their risk. When medical intervention is necessary LBM puts a doctor in your corner as an informational resource.

Profile artwork for Life Before Medicine
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