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“We help leaders understand how to get more out of their existing teams! With best practices, they enjoy more energy and fun at work!”


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Welcome to Leading The Way Podcast!

Our show serves leaders - usually Directors and VPs - in larger companies. They may be frazzled with more demands, poor work ethic by their team, and limited budget. Their normal go-to leadership techniques may fail them.

On the podcast, we leverage evidence-based and science-backed approaches that build their teams up. Instead of being stuck, the enjoy amazing results - and differentiate themselves for promotion.

The podcast host is a 3x bestselling author and executive with 30+ years experience. He does interview all potential guests to confirm they are a great fit and answer any questions. Podcast sessions are kept around 30 minutes wherever possible. We will spend about 3-5 minutes promoting your website or book, and you can make a special complimentary offer.

Looking forward to connecting!

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Leaders, learn evidence-based and science-backed approaches. Discover how to set up your team for a win, and enjoy your job that much more! Instead of being stuck with old approaches that no longer work, make use of modern neuroscience to set your team up for a win. Enjoy more innovation, productivity, and even fun at work again!

Leading The Way

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