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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

“I interview authors, musicians, business leaders (as well as ministry leaders) who are living their faith & making an impact in this world.”


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Pastor Robert Thibodeau interviews Christian guests that range from pastors and ministers to Christian authors; Christian musicians and singers to Christian businessmen and businesswomen who are running impactful businesses while maintaining their Christian morals and values.

Each podcast is approximately 28 minutes in length and can also be heard on the online Christian radio station, Evangelism Radio, from 2pm-230pm ET Monday-Friday. This is an interview based podcast that will often dig deep into the beliefs of the guest being interviewed.

In only 3 1/2 year, Bob Thibodeau had conducted over 700 interviews with leading influencers from around the world and KCR Podcast has over 800 published episodes.

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Profile artwork for Kingdom Cross  Roads Podcast
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