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“For all lovers of wrestling, past and present! Would love to collaborate in some way!”


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I’m a lifelong wrestling fan, and I’ve recently set up Irish Wrestle Talk as a passion project, Looking for someone to join me and talk about all things wrestling, classic right up to present day, covering storylines, iconic rivalries, factions, managers and so on. Giving opinions, and focusing on Irelands vibrant wrestling scene, and helping promote the product, leading to potential interviews with established and up and coming stars hopefully,

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Lifelong Pro Wrestling fan from Ireland, sharing my passion for wrestling, with videos and audio covering topics from Classic Wrestling right up to modern day, such as Storylines, Iconic Rivalries, Factions and much more. Hope to interact more with like minded fans, and hoping to incorporate interviews and share Vlogs etc in due course, please stay tuned for more

Profile artwork for Irish Wrestle Talk
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