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“The InWork Podcast is about the things we do 'in work' and the 'inner work' we all must undergo to achieve our dreams.”


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Hosted by marketing guru and serial entrepreneur Dave Valentine, the InWork Podcast is a new way to look at business/marketing shows. With his avant-garde style approach to marketing, sales, well-being, and spirituality—Dave brings a fresh approach to a tried and true medium.

This podcast has two different types of episodes:

Monday episodes are very casual shoot the bull, talk business, spirituality, burnout, etc. These are fun freewheeling hour+ conversations.

Episodes that drop on Wednesdays are all about marketing and advertising agencies. Dave holds mini-consulting sessions with an agency owner(s) and he helps them work through specific issues they're facing in the growth and scaling of their agency.

Some guests prefer to remain anonymous in this space, while others boldly share their given name and agency. Either way, it's a great opportunity to get insight from the agency wizard Dave Valentine.

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Profile artwork for InWork Podcast
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