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Invisibility by Ciardha

“The idea behind the show is to make the invisible, visible. You will help to reduce stigmas & even inform persons of 'invisible' conditions”


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Invisibility by Ciardha helps to decrease stigmas and increase information of medical conditions that most people have but isnt visible. There are many conditions that can be considered disabilities but because they are not seen by the eyes they are not considered. Some conditions have stigmas, for example mental illnesses, that need to be decreased. I would love to speak to person who suffer from certain conditions, support persons suffereing etc. Even just knowing about the condition would be a massively appreciated

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‎Health & Fitness · 2024

Invisibility By Ciardha

Listen to Invisibility By Ciardha on Spotify. Join us to learn more about those disabilities/disorders that are 'invisible' to the naked eye. Some includes mental health conditions, chronic pain conditions and many more.

Profile artwork for Invisibility by Ciardha
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