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Inside Entertainment Industry Careers

“I'm seeking guests who work in the creative and entertainment industries who can share an insider perspective into their career and journey”


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Exploring the exciting world of Entertainment Industry Careers.

Join me in lively conversations with professionals from every corner of the entertainment industry. Each episode delves into their personal journey and passion for their role, offering insights into their career path. Not only will you gain valuable career advice, but you will also leave feeling inspired and motivated by my guests' unique experiences in pursuing their passions.

Episode Style

Each show will last around 30 minutes, and I'll provide a list of general questions for the guests to explore during the show. The focus will be on your career, the journey and routes you took, and any advice and lessons you learned along the way that can help others who aspire to do your job or want more insights into the life of someone in your profession.

About Your Host

With two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, I have had the pleasure of working alongside creatives in various stages of their careers. My role as a career and business coach for the creative and entertainment industries has complemented my position as Managing Director at Reflections Talent Agency™, with a roster of highly talented individuals who have worked on high-profile projects worldwide. Not only have I worked as a casting director, but I have also directed, acted, and provided voice talent. Additionally, I am a trained meditation teacher and mindfulness coach, helping clients incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines for greater benefits.

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Why I Started The Podcast

I'm super passionate about raising awareness of all the wonderful roles in the creative and entertainment industries. My goal is to provide insights and to inspire future generations to enter the industry and encourage others to pursue their dreams. Each journey is unique, and I'm keen to learn more about my guests and why they are passionate about the work that they do.

Potential Guests

Thank you for being so interested in becoming a guest. Please reach out with a message or complete the podcast guest form, which can be found here

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Career Coach Creative industries & Entertainment Industry Pros

Emily Maguire is a UK career coach working with individuals and businesses in the creative industries, entertainment industry coaching and actor mentoring.

London, Actors, Acting, Casting | Reflections Talent Agency

Reflections Talent Agency represents performers in the UK, Ireland, and Europe who specialise in stunts, fights, motion capture and commercial work.

Profile artwork for Inside Entertainment Industry Careers
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