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“Centres around the ways in which we are shaped by the world. Mainly a critical podcast with some surprises.”


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Hello hello, friends, enemies, lovers... welcome to Impressionable.

This is the podcast that uncovers all of the small and big ways in which we have been shaped by the world around us. Each week I am joined by a different guest to learn how they have been influenced throughout their lives (for better or worse).

As we look inwards, we are compelled to look outwards again. And so, this podcast engages in deep cultural, political, and social commentary.

Past guests include: Jessica DeFino (@jessicadefino_), Sophie Habboo (@Sophiehabboo), Jayne Mattingly (@jaynemattingly) and Caley-Rae Pavillard (@heycayrae)

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Profile artwork for Impressionable
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