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“Please hop on to talk history in sports, events, music, television, film & true crime . I would love to have you on as a guest.”


TV & Film Music History Sports Historical Events True Crime


I enjoy learning about history and doing research. I love to read books and have the authors on my podcast to talk about their books in detail. Digging deeper and having good conversation. I let my guests talk. Our podcasts can grow with cross promotion.

Topics covered on my podcast on previous episodes.

Movie - Die Hard 1988

Music - Episodes on the The Beatles, Johnny Cash, The Monkees and Van Halen

Sports- 1988 Dodgers, 1991 and 1997 World Series. New England Patriots, Memphis Hoops

Interview with a former FBI Special Agent

interviews with Authors

Keith Wood -Memphis Hoops

K.P. Wee -1988 Dodgers

Carol M Ford and Linda Groundwater- “Bob Crane The Definitive Biography

Clayton Trutor- BostonBall

Jeremih Ukonprefe- HIVE

Health - My health scare from smoking cigarettes.

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Profile artwork for HODGEPOD WITH Rob Fredette
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