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Haunted America Radio

“Discussing all things paranormal and spiritual, plus how they intersect and interact with nudism/naturism and/or sexuality.”


Religion & Spirituality Clairvoyance Paranormal Christianity Sexuality


Haunted America Radio started in 2009 on a local AM station in Vermont. It has now returned as an audio/video podcast. Conducting interviews using Riverside browser software for your convenience, from 15 minutes to 2 hours evenings and weekends Central time, depending on your schedule. This is a laid back, pre-recorded show, edited for quality. Come hang out and have some fun!

Looking for "experts", investigators, psychics, mediums, religious figures, and those with undeniable evidence of an afterlife. Also, as the host is a nudist, discussing nudism/naturism and sexuality, and how they intersect with spirituality and paranormal occurrences & investigations.

Past shows have discussed ghosts, investigating, out of body experiences, remote viewing, historical spirits, photos, EVPs, Demonology, and much more.

Also, looking for both witnesses and short story writers for our "ghost story" segment. Let me hear your tales, both real and fictional. Impress me!

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Profile artwork for Haunted America Radio
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