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Girl Meets Gridiron

“The podcast for the truly passionate & devoted fans of the NFL. All the information & topics you never thought you needed to know, till now.”


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Stats can be found online, player comparison is aimless and what the future holds is up to fate, not the media. My name is Maria Baker and I’ve spent the past decade researching, content creating and analyzing all aspects of this game. If you enjoy listening to meaningless statistics, repetitive injury updates or discussing the same top story as every other media outlet, you’re in the wrong place. Girl Meets Gridiron is the NFL podcast for the fans who are truly passionate about the game of football. There’s so much more to this game than simple stats and rankings - the passion of the players, the knowledge of the coaches, the history of the teams and the league and more. Join me, along with my cohost and best friend Ryan, as we dive in to the crazy world of the NFL, and bring you the podcast you never knew you needed, until now - all unscripted and uncensored.

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Profile artwork for Girl Meets Gridiron
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