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Get Your Life Together, Girl

“Seeking female guests to tell their stories of personal growth or to share their expertise in the fields of mindset and personal growth.”


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  • Please review and listen to an episode of The Get Your Life Together, Girl Podcast before reaching out. Would your subject matter/expertise fit the style of the show? Have we already done a show in your subject area?
  • The Get Your Life Together, Girl podcast is a genuine space to teach, to learn, and to explore. It is not a place to promote self-interest, products, courses/systems/books, etc. While we can touch on those items and possibly place a link in the show notes, the intention is to stay within the focus of education, exploration, mindfulness, growth, personal development, and helping women get their lives together, respectfully.
  • We seek experts that have personal connection to what they do--so, please be prepared to give the in-depth "why" as much as the knowledge.
  • This is a wide audience. The show can be found on over 30 platforms and has listeners worldwide.


Have you been searching for the tools to level up your life? Are you unsure how to turn your most challenging stories into purpose, power, and choices that work for you? Or perhaps the biggest question of them all: is it possible to overcome your negative thoughts, reduce your anxiety, increase your mental health and well-being, stand in your power, and create the life you have always desired? You are not alone if you’ve ever found yourself asking these questioning! Welcome to The Get Your Life Together, Girl Podcast: a mindset and life revolution, where we answer ALL of these questions and so much more! Each week Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, renowned Life Coach to women, Mindfulness expert, author, and host Danielle A. Vann takes you on a deep dive through all things personal development, mental health, self-improvement, and just about anything else that keeps you trapped in your comfort zone, and “stuck” on the sidelines of your life. Whether it’s through unscripted conversations with women, just like you, who have walked through significant life events and have overcome or intimate one-on-one conversations, between you and her, Danielle hands over the tools she has used to help thousands own their stories. By doing so, she reveals how to live a healed, mentally well, mindful, and joyous life. A powerful, purposeful person lies within each of us, and The Get Your Life Together, Girl Podcast is here to help you find just who that girl is! So, what do you say? Are you ready to get your life together, girl? Then, tune in each week anywhere you listen to podcasts and turn on the notifications, so you will never miss an episode because your journey to becoming more begins right now…

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