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GenX Women Are Sick Of This Shit

“We're the Podcast for an international Facebook group community of nearly 500,000 (and growing) women who range in age from 44-58 years old.”


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After starting and growing an amazing and thriving Facebook community from 0 to almost half a million in just one year, we can tell you a thing or two about women our age.

  • They're raising their kids (or grandkids) while caring for their parents.
  • They're generally pretty tired of working and then coming home and cooking dinner every night and never feel like they have any thing or time just for themselves.
  • They're also pretty freaked out by the fact that they're suddenly not the 24 year old "slacker" they used to be because in their mind they're still young and a bit rebellious. They honestly don't know where the time went.
  • Many have illnesses they're contending with and many have lost a spouse (or two).
  • And the bright red cherry on top is that they have menopause to contend with (they're very pissed off that there isn't any information and help out there for that). They have chin hair, unpredictable mood swings, can't sleep for shit and spontaneously feel like they're bursting in to flames about 50 times a day.

So we're expending the conversation, telling their stories, getting answers to the questions they have and doing everything we can do to show two important things, 1. They're not alone. 2. They haven't been forgotten. We don't pander. There's a decent amount of snark and we're not afraid to drop a few f-bombs because these are our sister and we're all tumbling through our second half-century together.

Our podcast takes a lot of cues from the group. After all, it's a community with the population of Iceland. If this sounds like a place where you could share knowledge, and bring insightful and interesting conversation, reach out.

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Profile artwork for GenX Women Are Sick Of This Shit
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