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Friday Podcast with Gulrookh

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The "Friday Podcast with Gulrookh" features a variety of sections, including a guest podcast where I invite guests to join me in discussing IELTS open topics. Together, we share our opinions and ideas with the audience, focusing on auditory and vocabulary skills for the specific topics.

In the second section, I will share my insights and experiences in various fields, including self-improvement, mindset, fitness, filmmaking, and education. I will provide solo commentary and discuss personal experiences related to these topics.

In the third section of the podcast, I will be interviewing experts in various university majors such as business, engineering, art, and others. This segment aims to provide academic guidance and valuable information for freshman students entering university or seniors in high school who are preparing to choose their majors. The podcast will help them gain a better understanding of the basic and general knowledge needed for their chosen majors.

In conclude, I would say this podcast will be really useful and worthy to listen. Everyone can allowed to listen these podcasts if which one is suit you. I will be really happy if you guys join my podcast.

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Here, we are going to talk about interesting and useful topics which is worthy to listen! Follow the link below👇👇👇 and check out what I offer for you)))

Gulrookh Abdullajonova

Hii Everyone!!! Here is Gulrookh! I will provide you with useful vlog tips, travel advantures, college life, business career and my podcast probably! Hope you guys enjoy from the videos))) Gulrookh😇😇😇

Profile artwork for Friday Podcast with Gulrookh
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