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“Comedians go deep on scammers like fake psychics, politicians, ponzis, and more. Feeling vulnerable? Don't fall for these Fraudsters.”


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Fraudsters: lobsters robbin' mobsters, freaks scammin' the geeks...! You name it - we’ve got our eyes on you! We are a true crime comedy podcast that dives deep on the scammers who take advantage of vulnerable people for their own financial gain whether it's crooked politicians, ponzi schemers, crypto frauds, fake abortion centers or fake psychic hotlines. Dropping their hilarious commentary are hosts Seena Ghaznavi, Justin Williams, and Ariel Leaty. While all of them are comedians, Seena is a lawyer and Justin has a PhD in History and Ariel always keeps it real. Ultimately they all love digging into the details of each story.

Our most recent season included commentary on Lou Pearlman, Cecil Rhodes and the Diamond Industry, Sunny Balwanie of Theranos, and Alex Mashinsky of Celsius, including special guests like Crypto Commentator Tiffany Fong and San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu.

Over the summer of 2023 we conduct Fraudwire - a LIVE show on Twitch where we give our take on the latest fraud news with fellow comedians and interview special guests. Every other Monday on Instagram Live Ariel Leaty delivers her POV on more fraud news that we all need.

Season 4 starts in June with more fraudsters and scammers. Sneak peek into upcoming eps: The Fugees....Milli Vanilli...Jim Traficant.

If you're a guest on our show you can expect all the research and facts with plenty of laughs! We want to hear your story and commentary whether you're a victim of fraud or you lost skin in the game and exposed a fraudster yourself.

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Profile artwork for Fraudsters
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