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“Long form conversations on various topics from culture to moral philosophy and health. My goal is to enlighten, educate & entertain.”


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The show is conversational in nature, with pre-arranged topics discussed before hand. Averaging between 30 minutes to an hour, with the goal of letting either an expert talk about a specific piece of work and / or topic or it is a back and forth conversation with the focus being on the guest's perspective. The audience is primarily the lay person and milennials who can relate to these topics as everyday people.

So far, I've been lucky to speak with various credible voices on these topics and it has helped promote their work and efforts as well.

I'm just beginning to dip my feet into this podcasting world, even though I work full time. Talking with people on interesting topics is a passion of mine as I aim to learn and put a spotlight on important work and topics that often don't get the attention they deserve. I am a work in progress and acknowledge that in everything I do, so my guests should feel comfortable knowing that this is a purely fun and mutually shared experience of growing one's platform and also helping enlightening, educating and / or entertaining along the way.

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Profile artwork for Frame of Reference
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