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Food Medicine for Animals

“I specialize in enhancing pet's health through the power of natural food, herbs, mushroom, and more!”


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I am looking for opportunities to collaborate with podcasters focused on health and natural medicine.

I am a licensed vet tech with over 15 years of experience in veterinary medicine. I also have a background in herbal medicine and natural food therapy for pets. I learned about herbs and natural food therapy when my first dog couldn't respond to conventional medicine. Since then, I have become a strong advocate for using food as medicine and focusing on a preventative approach.

After witnessing the positive results in pets, I have become more conscious of my own diet and prioritize healthy eating as well. I incorporate herbs and mushrooms into meals for my entire family, including our dogs.

In my podcast, I'm sharing information about the power of food as medicine for pets. Simultaneously, I hope to inspire pet owners to discover the benefits of using food to improve their own health.

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Welcome to "Food Medicine for Animals," a podcast focused on enhancing your pet's health and quality of life through natural nutrition. Tailored for health-conscious pet owners, we explore the benefits of natural food, herbs, and supplements for pets. Gain insights, expert interviews, and practical tips to optimize your pet's well-being. Tune in to empower your pet's vitality through the power of natural nutrition.

Profile artwork for Food Medicine for Animals
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