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“We're jacks of all trades living in Dubai and London and we have a unique viewpoint on any topic we talk about from movies to business.”


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The Podcast

We love diving deep into the details of our favorite films and shows and other topics that we are passionate about - and we can’t help but get sidetracked on diatribes about characters, story gaps, and how we would change narrative plots that are just as much fun for us!

How did we get here?

It all began when Pete met Ethan while studying for their MBAs at the London Business School. Instead of paying attention, the two spent most classes discussing films and television shows in the back row. From there, a simple idea blossomed: create a podcast to focus on films and shows, and other topics. We love entertainment and enjoy dissecting the creative and business side of what we watch. With that, Films & Stuff was born over a wide-ranging discussion during brunch with our friends in 2021.

Join our dynamic duo every week as we break down what we watched, what we want to watch and what we think about films and stuff.

The Dynamic Duo

Pete Mitchell

Based in London, Pete is a finance professional by day and an entertainment afficcionado by night. When not advising companies on trade finance and other cross-border transactions, you can find Pete on his XBox. Pete brings a deeper understanding of comic book characters and their background and is a self-proclaimed authority on Star Wars, Marvel, and many other franchises.

Ethan Hunt

Ethan is a corporate advisor living in Dubai. In addition to having a passion for the NFL, NBA, and college football, Ethan loves sci-Fi and spy-conspiracy stories. Ethan is also fascinated by set and location design and production details.

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Profile artwork for Films & Stuff
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