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Evolving Humans

“Spirited conversations for awakening souls designed to support our collective awakening. Consciousness & global awakening.”


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Host of Evolving Humans, Julia Marie, wants to demonstrate that we are all hard-wired for expanded awareness. If you have expertise in the areas of multidimensional living, consciousness, or expanded human potential, you are a fit for this podcast.

I'm looking to have conversations about intuition, energy healing, afterlife communication, spirituality, NDEs, mindfulness, spiritual growth, STEs and similar topics.

If you want to share with an audience of listeners dedicated to their spiritual path, then please connect with me.

As a podcast GUEST, I bring 33+ years of personal experience walking with the Universe to the table. I am qualified to speak on the following topics: Intuition and intuitive functioning (I teach people how to identify and improve their unique connection to infinite mind), Spirituality and living a spirit-guided life, Mediums and mediumship (I help people develop their mediumistic skill set and am a professional medium with 10+ years' experience), STE's, planetary awakening, energy healing, past lives, and related subjects.

I am currently working on my first solo book - a spiritual memoir about awakening - for release later this year. I tell stories from my journey to illustrate how we can utilize our human connection to The Infinite in our lives. In other words, we can have multi-dimensional experiences while living in this 3D world. We only need to shift our perspective, and expand our awareness.

I look forward to having a spirited conversation with you!

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Profile artwork for Evolving Humans
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