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“Epic Stories from Epic People. Seeking to spark positive change by better understanding one another through each of our unique stories.”


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My name is Alex Wait, I am a straight white guy with ADHD and a lot to learn. I live in Denver, Colorado with my wife and two boys spending our time hiking, camping, building legos, biking and watching Star Wars. Mental health and ADHD in particular have played a large role in my journey. Diagnosed as an adult I had a large learning process ahead of me to understand how my own brain works! 

I am particularly drawn to the space of social justice work and the result of that is Epics!​ I am the host of The Epics Podcast & the founder of Epics Productions. On The Epics Podcast we share stories from individuals who are different from myself with the intention of understanding them better. 

I believe that the foundation of hate and discrimination in our world is a lack of understanding of those who are different from ourselves and hearing their story humanizes them in a way that helps us to better understand what they are going through, leading to a positive impact on the world.  I am looking for guests with stories that we all need to hear. These interviews will be casual and authentic and my goal is for our time together to not only be enjoyable but to have an impact on those of us striving to be better allies.

Epics Productions is my new business that provides podcast production services to people and organizations with the intention of helping them share their stories that will change the world. Podcasting is a great medium for storytelling and our goal is to make it an accessible medium for those with epic stories. I am always looking for real and authentic conversations with amazing people who want to make a difference!

Your story is EPIC, and I want to help you share it! Message me or schedule a call with me!

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Profile artwork for Epics Podcast
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