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“I, with AI host and pilot Sky, fly far, wide, low and high in microsoft flight simulator over real locations that relate to our topics!”


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Hi and welcome to the description!

Entired Retreat precents a podcast format where we fly, in microsoft flight simulator, over REAL WORLD LOCATIONS that are RENDERED REALISTICALLY 1 to 1 in the simulator, and that relate to the topics discussed in the episodes. These podcasts are published as gameplay/video podcast content to Youtube, and as pure audio on Spotify, Youtube/Google, Apple and Podchaser podcast platforms.

In general, Entired Retreat entertaines and educates. We, as said, always strive to find the precise locations that connect to the topics; may it be factual or ficticious, historical events or future predictions as something specific or grand in the form of different cultures, personalities and characters, animals and creatures, things, structures, tales, beliefs... anything really does go! Whatever the case, we fly over the REAL locations and explore the facts and/or folklores tied to the places.


We are entertaining a "pilot" (pun intended) idea of remote guests that have the nessesary tools to join us on our virtual flights. Meaning that YOU can choose the area we fly over. Maybe your home area? Maybe an area of great importance to you? You can even suggest what topic you want to cover. Promote you project? Advertice travel to the pre-chosen location? Educate? Entertain? As long as the area relates to the topic, I, Odd Ode, together with YOU, our guest, and AI Sky can adventure (virtually) over it and have fun in the process.

NEW EPISODES TWICE a WEEK every Monday and Thursday 23.59 UTC+3 (Helsinki Finland, time)

WEEKEND LIVE STREAMS where the AUDIENCE can INTERACT with the host. Suggest places of interest in the chat! Maybe even your home area? Note: do NOT share sensitive information in the LIVE STREAMS, like your exact home address.

We are found on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, X, Reddit, Discord, LinkedIN.

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"Suomi mainittu!" or "Finland was mentioned!"; a lighthearted statement in Finland that led to researching why Finnish culture is, seemingly seldom, found influencing the creation of global entertainment mediums. In the podcast, I will solo through examples and find connections between Finnish culture and creations that may have their real inspiration originating from elsewhere. Essentially, my mission is to find similarities that, though maybe remote, enables me to say "Suomi mainittu!" in the episode. Guest can do the same from their cultural point of view as we celebrate global cultures.

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Profile artwork for Entired Retreat
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