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“EnergizeHER provides real conversations to increase your life + mental health status to healthy! Energizing YOU to love the life you live.”


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It's okay to not be okay.

Women need a safe place to talk about mental health and receive help. It’s estimated that one in four women will experience mental illness over their lifetime; however, the stigma around talking about it is still such that only 50% of those affected will seek help.

EnergizeHER Life & Mental Wellness community was created to provide a safe haven for women to receive information and support on mental health issues from other women who have experienced their own battle with mental wellness challenges.

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The energizeHER Life & Mental Wellness platform was created by Her, for Her. Armed with resources, tips and guidance on how to work through life and mental wellness challenges, community members will always leave more energized in life than they arrived.

EnergizeHER Life & Mental Wellness Executive Coach Tameka Chapman created the energizeHER podcast as an extension to the energizeHER Life & Mental Wellness community and features conversations with women who are sharing their experiences and challenges with mental wellness in an effort to energize women across the world to begin loving the life they live while working through their own mental wellness challenges.

Podcast is audio only. Guests are experts in the following industries: health/wellness, fitness/nutrition, relationships, personal development, professional development and finances. Airing new chats every Sunday @ 7pm EST, our mission is to empower YOU to love the life you live. Welcome to energizeHER.

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Profile artwork for energizeHER
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