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Disruptia: AI and Tech News

“Calling all comedians. Let's have a conversation about all the whacky and weirdest things happening in the world of tech.”


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Disruptia podcast is going on a break for 2 months!

Disruptia is a podcast where Artificial Intelligence and Tech News collide with Comedy. Disruptia is not your average podcast. On this podcast we invite a standup comedians to discuss the latest, the greatest, and the downright strangest in the tech universe. Here at Disruptia we love breaking down the most complex tech topics into bite-sized, digestible, and most importantly - jargon-free pieces We're here to disrupt your world, to bring the future to your doorstep, but we're also here to make you laugh. Disruptia is hosted by Sam Kamani, an best selling author and multi exit founder

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Profile artwork for Disruptia: AI and Tech News
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