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Design Her is a community that provides personal growth and development opportunities for women seeking empowerment in their lives. Through our virtual workshops, coaching sessions, discussion forums, and self-care activities, we guide women to become the best, most confident version of themselves.

This video podcast features diverse voices from women across industries but unified by messages of empowerment, resilience, compassionate leadership and progress through self-care. This uniquely holds space for both the achievement-oriented, go-getter parts of themselves as well as the sensitive, reflective and healing-focused feminine essence too.

We give permission to be ALL of who they are - visionary trailblazers moving mountains AND gentle nurturers caring for their ever-changing needs amidst the climb. On Design Her, no one has to hide any side of themselves. Boldness meets breathwork. Ambition meets meditation. Hustling meets hugs. By marrying these dual energies, magic unfolds.

Pamela Torea, the host of Design Her, is a certified project manager and coach for ambitious women. She brings structure and strategic planning to her coaching practice, as well as helps clients break down big goals into achievable steps and keeps them accountable to self-set deadlines.

Passionate about empowering women to live life on their own terms, she recognizes that the journey of bucking expectations and becoming fully self-actualized is not always easy. There are often unique challenges and obstacles along the way. Pamela aims to support listeners to rediscover their own power and create the life they truly want while hearing the stories and journeys of other women.

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Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Design Her! This will be a video podcast talking about how you thrive in your world. Feel free to contact me ...

Profile artwork for Design Her
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