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Deep Shallow Dive

“Join 'Deep Shallow Dive' as we uncover the truth through self-awareness, resilience, authenticity, and empathy. Ok, Let's Go!”


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Welcome to 'Deep Shallow Dive,' where we 'Call a Spade a Spade' and explore today's complex political and social issues through the lens of common sense. In each episode, we embark on a journey to uncover the truth, guided by the four pillars of self-awareness, resilience, authenticity, and empathy.

Self-awareness helps us recognize biases and broaden our perspectives; resilience empowers us to stand firm amidst adversity and uncertainty; authenticity drives us to live boldly in our truth, and empathy enables us to forge deeper connections through understanding. Together, we'll peel back layers of distractions and divisive narratives to reveal the core issues impacting our daily lives. By staying true to these values, we'll challenge the status quo and engage in thoughtful dialogue, realizing that we aren't as divided as we may think.

Let's dive deep into the issues shaping our world and emerge with fresh insights that unite us all under the banner of truth. OK, Let's Go!

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Deep Shallow Dive Podcast

Get ready for a Deep/Shallow Dive into topics from the Past and the Present so we can try and make sense of the Future! Join Deep Shallow Dive Podcast Host Ray Doustdar, as he tackles topics with common sense and diplomacy, along with empathy and compassion. There are always two sides to every story, so why not look at both? Let's search for the Truth, through the lens of common sense... remember that ol' thing, common sense? Let's Call a Spade a Spade, and Dive in. Ok Let’s Go!

Deep Shallow Dive Podcast

Deep Shallow Dive Podcast. 142 likes · 221 talking about this. The DSD Podcast looks at the Past and Present through the Lens of Common Sense. Remember that?

Deep Shallow Dive

Listen to Deep Shallow Dive on Spotify. It's time to 'Call a Spade a Spade.' Join me as I tackle complex political and social issues that shape our lives. In each episode of 'Deep Shallow Dive,' I break down past and present events, revealing how narratives and distractions create a sense of division. Together, we'll pull back the curtain to uncover the truth and find that we're not as divided as we might think. We will do this through the Lens of Common Sense and our Defining DSD Pillars of Self-Awareness, Resilience, Authenticity, and Empathy. Let's Dive In!

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Profile artwork for Deep Shallow Dive
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