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Deconstructing YOU

“The unbecoming & shedding of layers of unconscious beliefs & emotions that don't belong to you is critical to the truth of you.”


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*Due to demand, I am recorded out for 2024, so no more guests will be accepted this year*

Have you broken free from mental and psychological prisons?

Have you deep insights into the realm of mind, body and soul healing to trigger transformation that has led you to a deeper understanding and awakening of yourself?

Have you shed your ego, and layers of identity that were shackles to your authentic life?

Have you integrated your shadow self?

Then I want to feature your story of destruction, as you have drawn on courage to let go of what wasn't serving you, to welcome a richer, fuller, authentic and aligned life.

All applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for their inspiration and relevance to the ethos of the show. *Stories of people transitioning from corporate into business will not be prioritized unless there is a deep personal story attached to it.*


  • I am not looking for basic personal development or mindset principles that are known. It is important to have active social media profiles to be considered as a guest which will be assessed as part of your application.
  • I am not accepting the conventional leaving corporate to entrepreneurial story unless accompanied by a spiritual awakening.
  • Messages that are not personalised and tailored to the show's objectives will not be responded to.

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Profile artwork for Deconstructing YOU
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