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“This channel offers decisive content towards your personal growth, drawing on deep human insights and experiences.”


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Uncover the transformative power of personal growth with "Decide Your Destiny," a show dedicated to helping you create a more fulfilling life through inner reflection and self-improvement. Host Kyle Spyrides delves into the importance of focusing on the aspects of life within your control, as inspired by Greek philosopher Epictetus, and teaches you how to cultivate a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, even in the face of adversity.

Discover the benefits of a structured morning routine, like the Morning Miracle, which combines physical exercise, meditation, affirmations, and visualizations to empower you to conquer each day. This inner focus helps you navigate life's complexities with resilience, nurturing healthier relationships and a positive outlook.

As you engage with "Decide Your Destiny," you'll learn to observe your personal growth and refine your daily routines, fostering a sense of calm and control amidst life's challenges. By joining the Desire to Destiny community, you can share your own experiences, inspire others, and be motivated to take charge of your destiny, embracing the journey of self-discovery.

Tune in to "Decide Your Destiny" and let Kyle Spyrides guide you on a path to a more peaceful, fulfilling, and successful life. Share your stories, insights, and strategies as you embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and change. Remember, you hold the power to shape your future – it's time to unlock your inner world and decide your destiny.

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Profile artwork for Decide Your Destiny
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