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“Join Combat to Commerce to share how your entrepreneurial spirit uplifts the community! Grow the next generation of leaders!”


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At “Combat to Commerce,” we delve into the unique journey of service members and highlight the transition to civilian life. We strive to have nonservice members who can give hope for success to those transitioning.Our platform not only shares stories but also inspires our listeners and fosters a supportive community that values leadership, resilience, and a dedication to service.

Why Collaborate with Us?

1. Positive Community Influence: We focus on the positive impacts our guests have made in their communities, highlighting stories of transformation and success. Your collaboration with us means promoting a narrative of positive change and inspiration, aligning your brand with uplifting and motivational content.

2. Extensive Network Reach: With every episode, we reach an ever-expanding audience that includes not only veterans and their families but also individuals interested in stories of overcoming adversity and achieving success. Our platform is a bridge between military values and entrepreneurial spirit, offering a unique perspective that is respected across various sectors.

3. Marketing and Promotion Support: When you collaborate with “Combat to Commerce,” you’re not just getting a spot on our show; you’re gaining a partner in marketing. We actively promote our episodes across multiple social media channels, newsletters, and other media outlets, increasing visibility for your brand or message.

4. Professional Production Quality: Our podcast is crafted with the highest standards of audio production, ensuring that your collaboration is part of a quality product. We pride ourselves on creating a professional and engaging listening experience that reflects well on all our contributors.

5. Community of Driven Individuals: The ethos of our podcast attracts guests who are leaders, innovators, and influencers. By joining us, you’re connecting with a community that is ambitious, driven, and constantly seeking growth. This network can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations beyond our podcast.

Collaborate with Combat to Commerce to Amplify Your Impact. Partnering with “Combat to Commerce” means more than just sharing your story or promoting your brand. It means becoming part of a movement that celebrates and supports the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s an opportunity to inspire, engage, and connect with a unique and powerful community. Join us in making a difference—one story at a time.

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Combat to Commerce

"Combat to Commerce" is a dynamic and insightful podcast that serves as a guide for military personnel transitioning to civilian sector, spouses, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Each episode delves into the challenges and opportunities that come with moving from active duty to the corporate world, or experiences from leaders still active in the military. Through interviews with active leaders, successful veterans and spouses, expert advice from career coaches, and discussions on effective strategies for leveraging military skills in business, the podcast offers valuable support and inspiration. Whether you are a veteran considering a new career path or still in service planning for the future, we provide the tools and perspectives needed for success. Join us as we explore how the discipline, leadership, and resilience can be transformed into a thriving career in commerce. Check merchandise at Website:

Profile artwork for Combat to Commerce
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