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Cocker Spaniel Podcast

“Simply put, we want a real, friendly, transparent podcast dedicated to the Cocker Spaniel to show others that they are not alone.”


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We bring something a little different focusing completely on Cocker Spaniels, either for those that already own, or maybe interested in owning a Cocker Spaniel. Our podcast is full of real life, everyday Cocker Spaniel content, from our own experiences since bringing home Bonnie over a year ago. The highs, the lows (and there were lots of them) with tips, advice, reviews, interviews and more, in a fun, lighthearted weekly podcast! We would love to interview you or have you as a guest on our podcast!

When we brought Bonnie home, we didn't know what to expect, although we had done a lot of research, neither myself or my partner had ever owned a Cocker Spaniel before, and boy were we in for a real eye opener.

There were lots of good times, cute little puppy, exciting at first but the reality soon kicked in and we had lots, and I mean lots of hard times, moments where we questioned what we had done, where we even had a mini melt down.

Watching YouTube video after video didn't help. Yes there are experts and lots of tips and advice but the reality is the videos are edited, each dog has its own personality etc, and we learnt lots the hard way. We want to share our experience, what we learnt, what worked and what didn't. We want to share our full experience in an honest and transparent way, along with reviews of training and products, toys, food, vet's - the whole lot!

More importantly, we want others to realise that they are not alone. Once we started to find out feet, we wish we had access to something like this and although there maybe similar content out there, we couldn't find anything that had everything we needed in one place, and content that we could trust, or just a voice of others going through the same thing to let us know it will all work out in the end, or that this is normal and that is normal etc.

ultimately, we are not experts. We are not dog behavioural experts, we are not medically or pyscolology trained, but we have lots to share, and we will keep the 'expert' stuff for the experts, hopefully bringing along a number of dog experts to interview, from vets to groomers.

This is a brand new podcast from a normal middle aged man in the north east, along with his partner and 15 month Cokver Spaniel, Bonnie - so if you are interested in appearing on one of our podcasts, please let us know - we would love to work with you :)

Thanks for reading.


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Profile artwork for Cocker Spaniel Podcast
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