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Chatting Bear

“A place where you can learn to love yourself, the world and your place in it.”


Performing Arts Self-Improvement Mental Health Hobbies


Usually with friends, i discuss any topic that can be directly or indirectly linked to mental health, self worth and/or the environment.

We aim for a relaxed environment, as though the listener is amongst us, chatting about subjects you would discuss amongst friends.

We do not give out medical advise and always suggest that people see their medical professional for any medical advise.

We do discuss our own experiences, opinions and conversations usually include a lot of giggles.

We would love to chat to celebrities/notable people who have had struggles with depression and anxiety or medical professionals who treat patients with them; Experts in the field of mental health or the environment.

Be prepared for fun as we know laughter is good for mental health and its the best state of mind to be in to learn and we make sure we experience it in our episodes.

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Profile artwork for Chatting Bear
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