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Calling All Creatures

“If you're passionate about animals, enjoy working with them and try to make things better for them then I’d love to have you as a guest.”


Pets & Animals


If you love animals and would like to learn more about them and the people that work or advocate for them in different fields this is the show to listen to. We will discuss all sorts of different animal topics and I’ll invite guests from many different walks of life to talk about their animal passions and hopefully get some useful information out to the public. I feel that people that are educated about things can affect the needed changes as well as making better informed decisions for their own pets. The podcast is about an hour long and I prefer to do it live for a more honest portrayal of my guest’s expertise and passions. If you can’t listen live all the shows get recorded to my broadcast platform Spreaker and they’re also available on other listening platforms. It’s a pretty laid back format, kind of like chatting over coffee and it’s only an audio podcast, no video.

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Profile artwork for Calling All Creatures
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