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“The Australian Podcast on Acquiring, Growing & Exiting a Business”


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BUY GROW SELL is the podcast for entrepreneurs looking to ACQUIRE, GROW, or EXIT a business. Each week, we interview a business owner who has bought, grown, or sold a business, and in some cases, has completed all three steps and started all over again.

Our goal is to share the stories of entrepreneurs who have travelled at least part of this cycle, so that we can all learn from their experience. Whether it’s the dizzying heights of success or the hard lessons learned through adversity, we get to the heart of what drives success, and how to apply these lessons on your journey.

BUY GROW SELL features the best insights, interviews, and inside information on how to buy, grow, and sell a business – straight from business owners who have lived and breathed it.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the formula on how to grow a business and exit big, this podcast has all the answers.

This podcast is hosted by Simon Bedard, the CEO of Exit Advisory Group, a boutique Australian M&A firm that also provides a range of advisory services focused on exit strategies and how to maximise company value.

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Profile artwork for Buy Grow Sell
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