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“How to become a bestselling author. Be part of the Billion Book Revolution! Re: writing books, book publishing, book marketing, podcasting.”


Marketing Books


John Kremer share stories of real-life book authors who have marketed their books in innovative, fun, and money-making ways. He talks about bestseller strategies, licensing subsidiary rights, creating large Internet tribes, social networking for book sales and prestige, and ultimately selling a lot of books. These stories are short, sweet, practical, inspirational, and doable by any book author, whether a self-publisher, an author published by a big publisher, or a Kindle ebook author. You will love this show! Please subscribe now. Thanks.

Please note: I don't showcase authors or books unless there's a good marketing story behind the book. I want to help other book authors sell more books. I do that by sharing what other authors have done to sell their books. Do you have any stories of your success in selling books? If so, I want to hear from you. Email: [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Book Marketing Success Podcast
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