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Blossoming Technologist

“A podcast for young professionals in tech to discover career paths and learn lessons from fellow young professionals navigating the field.”


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A podcast for young professionals in tech. How do you get an internship? What are the different career paths in the tech industry? Every week, we interview a young professional about their story getting into tech, what their job entails, and how they overcame challenges along the way.

Looking for guests who work in the tech industry (software, design, marketing, management, testing, engineering, etc) to talk about their journey into tech and what they've learned. We cover anything from your day job to passion projects to skills you've learned or advice you've gotten along the way. I always love talking about what you're passionate about in tech.

Reach out to see if it's a good fit! I'll get back to you with details on the form to fill out and booking an interview time. Thank you! -Marisa

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Profile artwork for Blossoming Technologist
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