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“Simple, savage, real. Overcome something and came out the other side? You built or created something, brag! Let's get Raw about it!”


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Stories are how we have communicated from the beginning of time. Then it was the written word. Not too long ago it was the radio and television. Now it is Podcast.

The stories and people I am looking for are who got fucked up some how and come out the other side in a better place. Built or created something they wanna brag about. How about bringing awareness to a serious issue? Or telling stories of how you are an adult survivor of childhood from all the crazy shit you did. There is a plethora of fun, serious and random topics. What ever the topic, be RAW!

Everyone has stories. As you listen to these episodes you'll see that the guests are pretty ordinary people. They are not big movie or rock stars, they are not super wealthy, award winning whatevers...

These are everyday people that you see and interact with all the time and, without taking the time and interest, you would never know their story. I believe that people accomplishe amazing things everyday. These are the stories I want to share and the conversations I am looking to have with you.

One note:

NO fuckin politics or religion conversations. I have nothing at all against these topic and if that is what you are looking for, move on. There is so much more in the world to talk about!

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Profile artwork for Be Raw Podcast
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