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Bang Two Three Podcast

“Upbeat conversational style interviews that are conducted as if this is our last day alive. No holding back. Let it rip!”


Comedy Interviews Technology Software Engineering


Conversations ranging from love to technology and everything in between all while being entertaining and insightful. I don’t take myself too seriously and try to have the most fun while learning about others by trying to see life from their point of view.

Why come on the show: To have a super awesome entertaining conversation! Best way to get your story/message across is to not do a boring podcast.

I'm known for asking off the wall stuff that other are probably thinking.

"So you're a stripper?" -> What does a stripper pole smell like?

"Ah you're a doctor?" -> What does it feel like to tell someone they have terminal cancer?

"You're in tech?" -> How do I make friends with the AI so it doesn't kill me later?

"Been to jail?" -> Do they really put soap on a rope?

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Profile artwork for Bang Two Three Podcast
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