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Align with Aline

“A focus on the art of healing in all ways for intuitive empaths to be inspired to recognising their innate talents and gifts for alignment.”


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I created the podcast with a passion to serve as I was a chronic people pleaser hiding my gifts to fit in and going against my true nature for others to feel better. Now I know authenticity is the only way and am ok with not being liked by everyone as I follow my truth.

I would love to invite like hearted individuals as special guests to tell their stories of realisation and share their wisdom and insights to inspire others. The aim is to reach as many intuitive empaths as possible who may be hiding their innate gifts through comparison overwhelm and feelings of unworthiness. I believe hearing stories of others that have been where the listeners/viewers currently are is hugely inspiring and can be uplifting to the point of inspiring others to take action on their raison détre. Question suggestions will be sent prior to the podcast that we may or may not adhere to and see where the conversation takes us.

All episodes are pre recorded and I am there to give you the stage.

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Weekly podcasts with special guests dedicated to motivate us for 2023 through advice for self empowerment; creativity; performing arts; healing arts; spirituality; mindfulness; growth and awakening for a healthy mind, body and soul. This is a year of going within and truly standing in the power of our souls´ purpose. Different special guests join us and share their wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire us to remember who we were born to be and to take action on our soul´s true path. I´m Aline and I guide Intuitive Empaths to find their power; identify their core values & Align to their true self. If you would like to work with me through 1:1 coaching or online courses; please do get in touch. I am so excited to take this journey with you. Much love, Aline xx

Profile artwork for Align with Aline
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