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Alaskan Úlfhe∂nar

“A modern-day, Celtic/Norse Shaman that provides guidance and wisdom according to ancient teachings, and enjoys teaching others.”


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Ancient Teachings to Encourage, Enlighten, and Empower.

A modern-day practicing Úlfhe∂nar sworn to Ódinn of Asgard, Dr. Weisman applies ancient beliefs and understanding to modern-day issues through the process of spiritual channeling his ancestors. He produces a weekly message teaching the "Ancient Ways" of a long Germanic-Dane heritage. It speaks to ideas of community and healing the common psychology in this modern world. It uses years of personal experience as a spiritual counselor using the ancient lore of Germanic travelers who settled in Northern Denmark. His messages ring as true today as they did thousands of years ago, with the embracing of peace, harmony, and love.

The show does not have guests, as we are attempting to get the words and wisdom of the shaman out to the public at large. However, if you are looking for a guest who has wisdom from the past about life and spirituality, let us know.

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Velkommen to Úlfhé∂nar

                      Your time is now. Put down your battle axe. Strip off the armor of battle. Toss your mental chaos into the sacrificial fire. PTSD and Anxiety do not have to run your life. It’s your turn to finally live in peace. There are many ways to heal trauma, and there are endless ways to embrace our natural spiritual balance. [...]

Profile artwork for Alaskan Úlfhe∂nar
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