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A Happy Moment

“Keep it positive and enjoy a variety of topics. Books, games, movies (mainly horror, fantasy and sci-fi), wrestling, heavy metal and more!”


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I like to keep things laid back and positive on the show. I'm pretty loose with my format and am more than happy to receive input from guests when deciding what to discuss. You're taking time out of your schedule to talk to me, so I want to work with you to make sure it's enjoyable and goes as smoothly as possible.

All of my old episodes are mostly hobby/entertainment related. Moving forward, I'd like to keep all of the same topics, but also expand a little bit and talk about things that can be beneficial to my listeners - healthy living (both mental and physical), self-improvement, etc.

Bonus if you're a big fan of any of the following: Danzig, DragonLance, World Wonder Ring Stardom!

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An introduction to my podcast. I'm currently on hiatus, but plan on relaunching the show. While I'm working on that, I'll be releasing all of my old episodes...

Profile artwork for A Happy Moment
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