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“Everyone is time poor, so we only do short 5 Minute podcast audios on our App.”


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We’re looking for audio content in the areas of Wellness, Mindset, Resilience, Productivity and Mental Health. Are you an expert on any of these topics?

We just want to hear your story, or your specialty of working in these areas. It can be serious if are an authority on the subject, or fun and entertaining if it’s your personal story to help educate our audience.

We want to make a difference in helping people through tough times, and offer some great content and tips – tips are great! We love tips… Talk about what makes you better through doing these every day. What works for you might work for someone else to make them less stress, or more productive…

Our podcasts are included in the 5 Minutes for Me App. We promote our podcast guests through all mediums including in the App. Audios are only 5 minutes long, so we hope it’s easy for you to do.

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Profile artwork for 5 Minutes for Me
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