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3rd and 10 Podcast

“We're an unfiltered podcast that covers headlines across the sports world. As a guest, we'll have fun engaging in great conversations.”


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An unfiltered sports podcast hosted by college students Nathan Nguyen and Brian Germinaro. We cover the NFL word, L s main focus on the New York Giants.

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The 3rd And 10 Podcast

(episodes release 4/22) Welcome! My name is Nathan Nguyen. I am an NFL Beat Writer for Belly Up Sports, as well as the host of the 3rd and 10 Podcast. A podcast dedicated to the New York Giants, we got all the news, analysis, and things you need to know surrounding Big Blue. Hosted by myself and Brian Germinaro. Here, we don't go for it on fourth down. Three downs to get ten yards or nothing.

Profile artwork for 3rd and 10 Podcast
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