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3 Candid Questions Podcast

“Be energised by people's stories and inspired by their words! 3CQ is all about open conversations with real humans about growth in life.”


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The 3CQ (3 Candid Questions) podcast is one of my big passions!

The focus is on honest and open, free flow conversations with humans from around the globe about their life journey, their area of expertise, how they grow, overcome barriers and what experiences and wisdom they have to share about being their authentic self and being a real leader in their lives.

As a coach I am super excited about these inspiring stories and my growing audience is too :)

There are real golden nuggets shared in every conversation, be it with the tech wizard, the woman living with Endometriosis, the passionate entrepreneur or the holistic life coach.

These are conversations that get you to think and get you energised to live your life to the fullest!

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Profile artwork for 3 Candid Questions Podcast
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