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“Book Writer. Science Fiction Genre/Action/Adventure Looking for a match up to share my book with, Molding Destiny which is already published”


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My name is Zachery, I usually go by Zac. I am a science fiction book writer. Book one, Molding Destiny (quick insight: This book is the beginning of a series which 3 boys find themselves on an epic adventure through/between space and time. Meeting many new friends and making plenty of enemies as they fight to bring balance back to the universal planes, while searching for their friend who mysteriously vanished into thin air.) is already published and being sold on Amazon and Ingram. I am currently working on book two that I'm shooting to be published for in June! I have a Web page, Facebook, and Instagram page all for advertising my book, but i have been REALLY wanting to get on a podcast and share it with someone who is willing to help out with me getting more information of my book out there, on top of me introducing book two as well! i wrote book one in my mid twenties and published it in 2023! Soon to have book two published in 2024! It is a Science Fiction book, recommended for ages 16 years old and up.

I would make a great guest on your podcast especially for someone who is just as interested in Science Fiction as i am. I am a pretty funny and outgoing guy as well and get along with everyone, I feel like a podcast would be able to get the word out there quicker on top of having an awesome host to be able to share and have my first podcast experience with!

I am really interested and Excited to be on your podcast and to be able to share this new experience with you and see the process of all that you do and your ways of making yourself as successful as you are and how you have put yourself out there and have so many followers!

Thank you for reading and I hope to be talking with you soon!!

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Profile artwork for Zachery Lee
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