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Zach Winner

“Former Attorney and Corporate Executive, Full-Time Investor. Helping people become build cash flow and become financially independent.”


About Me

I started my career as an attorney, billing my clients for the hours I worked, trading my time for money. When I began working, I opened a 401K account and put a little money aside each year for retirement. But I soon realized that all the money I was putting into the 401K was not generating any ongoing cash flow that I could enjoy, and that I would need to work well into my 60s before I saved enough to retire and slowly spend after retirement as a replacement to my W2 income.

Then, about 30 years ago, I started educating myself on personal finance. I realized that instead of working for money, I needed to invest in cash-flowing investments, and have my money work for me. I started investing in real estate. Initially, I bought single family homes and rented them out. Over time, I transitioned to investing in larger and larger properties. I've owned a 72 room home, office parks, and apartment buildings. I also mine Bitcoin, adding more Bitcoin to my portfolio each day.

I am now financially independent. I've quit my job as an attorney and focus my time on investing, and helping others build cash flow and long-term wealth.

I love sharing my story, and chatting about personal finance, real estate, Bitcoin, and other investment strategies.

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Profile artwork for Zach Winner
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