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Yaky Yanay

“CEO of Pluri, a tech comp harnessing cells to meet world challenges related to new medicines and sustainable food/bev products”


About Me

Yaky Yanay was appointed as CEO of Pluri in June 2019 after serving as President since February 2014 and in previous rolls since 2006. Mr. Yanay is the former Co-Chairman and current board member of Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), the largest umbrella organization representing Israel’s life science and high-tech industries. Before joining Pluri, Mr. Yanay was the Chief Financial Officer of Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. a public, machine vision, high-tech company and was a manager at Ernst & Young Israel. Mr. Yanay holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in business administration and accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel. He can speak to:

  • Why, in business, it's important to embrace change, make hard decisions, and pivot to capitalize on your best assets
  • Cell and gene therapy
  • 3-D bioreactor technology
  • Capitalizing on patents to differentiate business opportunities
  • The potential of cells to meet the needs of an aging and growing world population
  • Sustainability and climate change, specific to how to meet the needs of an aging and growing world population
  • Cell-based food and beverage products
  • Managing vertical businesses under one corporate umbrella and launching key subsidiaries
  • Cell-based coffee
  • Supply chain management
  • Investment in life science technology
  • Investment in Israel
  • CDMO, contract development and manufacturing organization
  • Business partnerships

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