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“Transforming Your Mindset: A Conversation with Personal Development Expert and Author Wayne Faulkner”


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 Wayne Faulkner is a multifaceted professional with expertise in writing, personal development coaching, education, and content creation. He has dedicated significant time and effort to studying the habits and practices of successful individuals, with the goal of inspiring and empowering others to cultivate a heightened level of consciousness and achievement. Currently based in Tennessee, Wayne is committed to leveraging his skills and knowledge to help individuals realize their full potential and live their best lives.

 Faulkner's writing style is a mesmerizing journey that pushes the boundaries of conscious awareness. Through his writing, he encourages readers to expand their horizons and discover new perspectives that they may have otherwise overlooked. His work provokes introspection and contemplation, inspiring profound moments of realization. Faulkner's books are a testament to his thought-provoking and insightful approach to literature, offering readers guidance in transforming their dreams into reality. Rather than aiming to prove a point or engage in debate, he prioritizes honesty and conviction, inviting readers to approach life with an open mind and a willingness to consider alternative possibilities. Faulkner reminds us that the complexities of life are rarely what they seem, and his writing serves as a powerful tool for exploring the mysteries of the human experience.

 Author “How To Think and Create Success”

Author’s new book “Setback or Stepping Stone? It’s Your Choice”

Currently writing his third book which will be published in the Summer or early Fall.

When he is not writing, Faulkner spends most of his time reading, researching, walking outdoors, working out, watching sports/movies, listening to music, and learning the piano.

To date, Faulkner’s books offer readers a central theme: Hope, Awareness, Inspiration, and Motivation.

In his first book “How To Think and Create Success” Faulkner provides a unique concept and process: 1. Think 2. Create 3. Meditate 4. Journal

Faulkner’s second book “Setback and Stepping Stone? It’s Your Choice” educates his readers on how to implement the highest degree of effort and commitment possible in their lives. This book is required reading if one has faced a setback or challenge. A real eye-opener!

Faulkner is of the opinion that anyone can surmount obstacles and reach their objectives. Faulkner recognizes that life can be tough with its numerous setbacks and difficulties. The purpose of Faulkner's writings is to offer you hope, awareness, inspiration, and motivation. Allow Faulkner to assist you in discovering the courage and persistence to succeed.

All books are published by: Outskirts Press

All books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.



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Setback or Stepping Stone? It’s Your Choice: Flip Book Link

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